Keeping Shadwell safe during ice and snow

It may be helpful to explain what your Parish Council does to supplement the work carried out by Leeds City Council to keep our roads and pavements safe in bad weather. When we get a significant snow fall the City Council usually sends a tractor to plough the snow off the main roads and some of our estate roads, but often side roads are left out. The Parish Council employs a contractor to deal with areas of the village not on the LCC list: for example, various cul-de-sacs, the Cricketers and the Shadwell Parks. 

We try to ensure that grit bins around the village are kept topped up with rock salt. Some of those bins have been provided by Leeds, but others have been funded by the Parish Council, and each year we purchase rock salt to supplement what the City Council is able to provide. Please note that rock salt from the bins is for use ONLY on public roads and pavements, not on private drives or pathways. 

We also pay for a contractor to work alongside the Shadwell in Bloom volunteers to grit pavements in strategic parts of the village and regularly report frost-damaged roads and other problems to Leeds Highways for action. At the moment, we are pressing for urgent repairs on Shadwell Lane at the western entrance of the village to prevent recurrence of recent flooding and sheet ice.