Shadwell Neighbourhood Plan, Public Consultation

10 am to 12 noon, 7 April 2018, at Shadwell Library. This is your opportunity to give your opinion on the policy intentions for the draft plan, and draft policies. These policies are the means by which we can help to achieve the agreed vision for Shadwell in future. Also, […]

Community Walkabout, Saturday, 2nd December

Shadwell Neighbourhood Plan Join us on a Community Walkabout on Saturday 2nd December 2017. Meet at the Library, 10am. Led by our consultant, planner and architect Peter Baker, we will be looking at what is important about the village character, its features and facilities, and how they can be maintained […]

Shadwell Traffic Management Scheme Proposals

You may have recently received a letter from the Conservative Group Office or have seen an official notice  about Leeds City Council’s proposals for the Shadwell Traffic Management Scheme. A plan of the proposals was posted on this site on 18th July, but is published again for reference below: Shadwell […]

External Audit of 2016-17 Accounts

The external audit of Shadwell Parish Council’s 2016-17 annual accounts has now been concluded. The official notice of the conclusion of the audit is available below: Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2016-17 The accounting statements with the external auditor’s report are available on the Annual Return page and are also […]

Warning of Postal Scam

The Police have advised that there have been a few incidents in surrounding villages of an individual following postal workers on their delivery rounds and stealing mail from external post boxes. In some cases, it appears that the details obtained have been used to try to apply for credit cards […]

Distraction Burglaries

There have been a couple of recent incidents in the surrounding villages of elderly people being targeted during the daytime by bogus officials. Please make sure you ask for identification from any official who comes to your door who is not a regular visitor.

Consultation on Speed and Parking Restrictions on Main Street

The Parish Council has been invited to respond to Leeds City Council’s proposals to introduce a traffic management scheme in Shadwell. The proposals consists of: A 20mph speed limit on a section of Main Street, near Shadwell Primary School. This will also extend to cover Blind Lane, Hastings Court, Manor […]

Shadwell Parish Council Annual Return 2016-17

The Parish Council unaudited Annual Return for 2016-17 has now been sent to our external auditors PKF Littlejohn LLP for independent examination. Any person interested has the right to inspect the accounting records of the Parish and, for the year ended 31st March 2017, the statutory period for which these […]

Warning: Fake Letterboxes!

It has reported that on at least one recent occasion criminals have placed a fake letter box on on a resident’s doorstep, or at their gate, with a note on the front door to the effect that the postman should place their mail in the “new” box. The box can […]

Theft of Targeted Vehicles

We have received the following warning from the police – Over the last couple of months we have been experiencing an increase in domestic burglaries whereby professional criminals have been specifically targeting specific high value vehicles namely Audi’s, VW’s, BMW’s and Mercedes. By far the most common MO is to […]