Victims of Crime

Good afternoon, HELP FOR VICTIMS Victims and witnesses are at the heart of what we do, with this in mind I have launched a new and exciting website called ‘’Help for victims’’. More information about the website including its benefits are detailed below: • The ability to create generic questions […]

A message from Groundwork, Leeds

I am writing to you about the free, council funded Green Doctor service in Leeds, run by the charity Groundwork Leeds. We aim to support a whole range of Leeds residents over the winter and are currently running a winter campaign to promote the scheme and raise funds. I would […]

Dementia Friends Initiative

The Parish Council recently received a presentation on the Dementia Friends Initiative and following on from that, would like to help Shadwell become a Dementia Aware village. It is hoped to hold a Dementia Aware session for residents in the near future and would ask you to contact the Clerk […]


A new local community website for Leeds Streetlife, the local social network, has a simple aim: to help people make the most of where they live by connecting with their neighbours. The website provides a free and easy place to share local news, views, recommendations and resources, enabling people with […]

Have your say about how criminals are punished

Dear Resident A recent change to the law allows victims to have a say in the punishment of their offender. This is through the community remedy. The remedy is a list of actions that may be chosen by the victim for a perpetrator to undertake as a consequence of their […]

Commemoration Service for the start of WW1

St Paul’s Church and Shadwell Parish Council Invite you to join us to commemorate the start of World War 1 Starting a 4 pm on Sunday, 3 August, the service will be held at St Paul’s Church This will be followed immediately by the rededication of the recently renovated War Memorial.

Shadwell Traffic calming survey

At the Annual Parish meeting, the issue of traffic calming was again raised. The Parish Council was requested to look into the possibility of having this reduced, removed, or altered. Previous requests to the City Council to review the situation in Shadwell have come to nothing. In order to add […]

Superfast Broadband

Superfast broadband is on offer to Leeds firms with a support grant of up to £3,000. Know someone who’d benefit? Tell them

Shadwell needs Superfast broadband

Shadwell needs Superfast Broadband! Please use this link to vote for it – Superfast Broadband Thank you!