Shadwell Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Leeds City Council has now published some more information about the referendum on Shadwell’s Neighbourhood Plan which is to be held on 6th May 2021 alongside the local government elections.

  • The plan has been prepared by a Steering Group appointed by the Parish Council. The group started work in 2012 as a way to influence and shape the nature and scale of development of Shadwell;
  • The plan has been informed by a programme of consultation and engagement within the village;
  • it contains policies and projects to promote sustainability in the village; and
  • an independent examiner has recommended that the plan meets the basic conditions and legal requirements and can therefore proceed to a referendum.

The referendum will be held in line with similar procedures to those used at the local elections. A person will be entitled to vote in the referendum if:

  • they are entitled to vote in an election of any councillor of Leeds City Council whose area is in the referendum area; and
  • their qualifying address for the election is in the referendum area.

A person’s qualifying address is, in relation to a person registered in the register of electors, the address in respect of which they are entitled to be so registered.

Timetable for the referendum:

Last Date for Registration – Monday 19 April 2021

Receipt of Postal Vote Applications – 5:00 pm, Tuesday 20 April 2021

Receipt of Proxy Vote Applications – 5:00 pm Tuesday 27 April 2021

Receipt of Emergency Proxy Vote Applications – 5:00 pm Thursday 6 May 2021

Please click here for more details. The Plan itself and further background information can be found by following the link at the right hand side of this page.

Details of polling stations and Covid-19 rules will follow.