Theft of Targeted Vehicles

We have received the following warning from the police –

Over the last couple of months we have been experiencing an increase in domestic burglaries whereby professional criminals have been specifically targeting specific high value vehicles namely Audi’s, VW’s, BMW’s and Mercedes. By far the most common MO is to snap poor quality Euro profile cylinders, which in itself is an easy fix and preventative measure to take by using cylinders of the two following standards. Secure by Design TS007 3 Star or Sold Secure SS312 Diamond Standard.

Certain areas appear to be the preferred locations, particularly the ONE & OE villages, Collingham, Alwoodley and Moortown.  There is a requirement to make your residents aware of the raised risk in owning such desirable vehicles and the additional precautions they should take to secure their properties and vehicle keys.

I am available to discuss these matters either by correspondence or in person with a view to using your circulations to hit the highest possible target audience. I have previously circulated a Crime Reduction letter to 22 golf clubs in the Leeds District with a view to having it passed on through their membership emails.


Nick Whitcombe

Crime Reduction officer

Leeds District

Outer North East, Outer East

Mobile: 07590358088