A message from Groundwork, Leeds

I am writing to you about the free, council funded Green Doctor service in Leeds, run by the charity Groundwork Leeds. We aim to support a whole range of Leeds residents over the winter and are currently running a winter campaign to promote the scheme and raise funds. I would like to know if you would consider helping us promote this free service to your local community?

We currently have referral partnerships with lots of local organisations such as yours who:

• Include information on websites or in newsletters

• Email members or include info in Bulletins • Refer families/residents directly via email or phone

• Invite us to talk to a group or attend local events

Here is a bit more information about the service, We provide a free energy saving service, which involves a home visit to the client. In under an hour, give or take, we provide face to face advice on energy bills, boilers, thermostats, programmers, heaters and appliance running costs, alongside information on available support for heating repairs/replacements and insulation. In that time we will also fit a range of energy saving measures (where appropriate), including draught-proofing, bottom brushes and letter box covers for wooden doors, energy saving light bulbs, standby saving devices, reflective radiator panels, hot water tank jackets, pipe lagging and window draught proofing. Our service is free, and can save households up to£100 each year. Residents are eligible if they are In receipt of a Low household income.